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It’s a Shareable Life!

It's a Shareable LifeIt’s a Shareable Life is the first, mainstream practical guide to the sharing economy, showing people how they can lead richer, more fulfilling lives with more money and less stuff. The book is a tale of experiences being of the highest regard, of people cooperating, giving, exchanging, renting, swapping, and otherwise sharing their underutilized time, space, skills, and resources with their peers.

Three 20-somethings started off as strangers and came together through experiencing the life-altering benefits of sharing. Through their sharing experiments, they gifted, bartered, rented, and swapped their way to a richer life.

Now, you too can learn how to lead a Shareable Life through the practical know-how and real life stories highlighted in this comprehensive guide.


  • Live rent free
  • Pay for your car
  • Increase your free time
  • Work from anywhere
  • Find work, even in a down economy
  • Travel the world on a backpacker budget
  • Reduce your monthly expenses sharing
  • Build a stronger community
  • Develop more trust in people
  • Create a healthier lifestyle

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