What is the Sharing Economy?

From Grassroots to Big Business, What is the Sharing Economy?

We spoke with a cross section of sharing economy experts, including Mike Walsh, General Partner at Structure Capital, which invests in sharing economy startups, as well as Ricardo Nunez from the Sustainable Law and Economies Center, Michelle Regner of Near Me which enables brands and entrepreneurs to create a marketplace, and Kim Hunter, Co-founder of SupperShare, a meal sharing platform aimed at creating stronger local communities.

The panel was moderated by Chelsea Rustrum, of It’s a Shareable Life.

Conversations included stimulating questions, such as:

– How do we define the boundaries of the sharing economy?
– Who owns the sharing economy?
– What values are unique to this movement?
– How does venture capital affect the sharing economy?
– What business models are possible now and in the future?

The event had approximately 120 guests and was held at Parisoma in San Francisco.


Event Details

Location: Parisoma
Date : 07/01/2014
Event Page: http://www.meetup.com/sharing-economy/events/189917092/

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