Trust & Safety in Marketplaces

Please note: This event will happen live on October 7th in San Francisco. Within 10 days of the event, a video of the entire conversation will be posted here.

What information do users need to feel and actually be safe? Do digital recommendations work? What does our “Googlability” say about us? Are reviews paramount for a peer-to-peer platform? What about background checks? What do they really add? Does context matter? As the peer-to-peer sector grows, what solutions are necessary for companies to cost-effectively scale trust? What challenges do marketplaces currently face when it comes to trust and safety? What’s next?

Erin Sink, Trust & Safety, Airbnb
Don Fultz, Director of Trust & Safety at Couchsurfing
Juan Cartagena, Founder of Traity
Max Wesman, VP of GoodHire
Lauren Gelman, Attorney at BlurryEdge Strategies

Moderated by Chelsea Rustrum, co-author of It’s a Shareable Life

A special thanks to Inflection and Traity for sponsoring this conversation!



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