Millennials, Purpose & Sharing

Three enterprising millennials offered tips, tricks, and hacks on how you can live a richer life with more purpose, better relationships, more money, and a flexible – nomadic, if you’d like, lifestyle.

The speakers come from diverse backgrounds as entrepreneurs, authors, and life hackers. They talked about everything from how to live rent free, to how you can find your ultimate passion and realistically go after it with reckless abandon as well as ways the sharing economy can play a role in your continual evolution.

  • Chelsea Rustrum, Author of It’s a Shareable Life
  • Adam Powolsky, Author of The Quarter Life Breakthrough
  • Kate Kendall, Founder of CloudPeeps and the Fetch

Read an event summary by CloudPeeps and check out the event photos provided by ShinyRedPhoto.

Event Details

Location: General Assembly
Date : 06/30/2015
Event Page: https://generalassemb.ly/education/sharing-purpose-life-hacking-for-millennials

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