We’re doing a free webinar on trust & identity in sharing economy on 9/6 August 8, 2016

HooYu is an identity confirmation service to be sure of a person’s identity in real time without the need to share your personal information, or have it stored anywhere online! This service can be used for one to one, peer-to-peer transactions or by sharing economy marketplaces looking to automate trust and identity for their users.

On Tuesday, September 6th, 2016, we’ll be doing a free webinar at 11am PST – sharing lots of data on what HooYu found about how participation in marketplaces interacts with trust and reputation in the UK and US markets.

More on this soon!

Chelsea Rustrum

Chelsea is the co-author of "It's a Shareable Life," a practical guide to sharing and in tandem, founded the Sharers of San Francisco, a social and educational series exploring the limits of what sharing can do for business, culture, and lifestyle. As a long time internet entrepreneur, she operates several web properties in addition to acting as a marketing and strategy consultant for sharing economy marketplaces. She's working on how sharing can be built into business models and the built environment.


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