The Technology Layer of the Sharing Economy at Twilio April 14, 2016

twilio event

The backbone of the sharing economy includes a technology layer that most of us aren’t even aware of. Communications, trust & safety checks, payment processing, and insurance don’t make for sexy headlines, and yet they they makes the new economy possible!

We’ll explore how the technology layer of the sharing and on-demand economy helps attract, retain, and engage customers, increase trust and therefore ROI for the marketplaces that use them. And of course, we’ll discuss what’s next as the collaborative economy continues to evolve.

This event is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, product managers, and marketers to learn more about marketplace strategy and the the technology layer driving two-sided marketplaces.

Max Mullen, CEO of Instacart
Elisa Bellagama, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Twilio
Daniel Yanisse, CEO of Checkr
Vicki Lin, Head of Sales at Stripe
Dan Hill, Director of Product, Airbnb

Moderated by Chelsea Rustrum, author of It’s a Shareable Life and founder of The Sharers educational and social series.

6:00 – 6:30pm – Arrival and networking
6:30 – 7:45pm – Panel and Q&A
7:45 – 8:45pm – Mingling and Happy Hour

If you’re interested in coming, please sign up here (space is limited).

Chelsea Rustrum

Chelsea is the co-author of "It's a Shareable Life," a practical guide to sharing and in tandem, founded the Sharers of San Francisco, a social and educational series exploring the limits of what sharing can do for business, culture, and lifestyle. As a long time internet entrepreneur, she operates several web properties in addition to acting as a marketing and strategy consultant for sharing economy marketplaces. She's working on how sharing can be built into business models and the built environment.


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